Shareholders, Investors and consumers expect that the companies they invest in adhere to a set of values internally and externally. They furthermore expect that the products that are bought or sold are produced in an ethical manner without pursuing commercial success at the expense of others.*

If you believe in doing the right thing and are interested in the long-term and global success of your company, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sound environmental management have to be part of your business strategy.

Has your company signed up to the UN Global Compact and the UN Millennium Development Goals?  The biggest impact companies have on human rights and social standards is either within their own company work environment or in their supply chain. While we consider all areas of CSR important, we promote a prioritization of human rights and social and environmental standards. We therefore suggest to focus on these areas before embarking on philanthropic projects.

Most Corporate Social Responsibility consultancies deliver a strategy to you, and that’s it. We go beyond. We help you implement these strategies and prepare your employees to drive them.

Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility:

*Ethical consumerism means buying products and services that are made ethically. This includes adherence to local laws and regulations, no exploitation or harm to humans, animals and the natural environment.